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There's a place for cookie cutters in the kitchen,

but not in the deal world

There are a multitude of examples where hiring a conventional investment bank or boutique doesn’t make sense or isn’t possible. 

Momentum Ventures Advisory was formed in order to provide the same level of quality services expected from a larger bank on a scale that works for small but exceptional companies or big companies with unique circumstances.  For

each individual project, MVA can stay small or draw upon the resources of a larger entity.

Reasons to partner with MVA could include but are not limited to:

Your company is too small to get the attention of the bigger banks

A bigger bank will take you on as a client but you’re concerned about being

relegated to the ‘B’ team

You can’t afford or can’t justify the fees of a traditional bank or boutique that must

cover its fixed overhead no matter how few people work on it or the amount of

resources that are actually needed

You know how to do a transaction and can spare junior resources to support it but need

a senior person to manage it

You have been approached by a buyer or investor but want to do a quick market check

before agreeing to go forward

You have accepted an LOI but now want a third party to negotiate the finer details so you’re not arm wrestling with your future owner/partner

You know the buyer or investor set and/or have polished marketing materials but

you need someone to help you get it to the finish line in the most efficient manner and

achieve the best possible outcome

You have identified a company that you want to buy but need help executing it for some

of the same reasons as above

Whether public or private, you’re ultra concerned about confidentiality and don’t buy into the supposed “Chinese walls” that bigger banks talk about  

Whatever your situation, we can throw out the playbook and develop our own rules of engagement and process.

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